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This conspiracy theory, among many others drummed up by the far right was one of the things that hurt the 2016 elections process.

People were much too eager to believe a conspiracy theory that had no basis in fact, rather than using their brains to realize it was a smear campaign against Mrs. Clinton.

Jones, Trump, Flynn Sr, Flynn Jr and all the others who kept spreading this lie are all complicit in this idiot going to Ping Pong Pizza & deciding to start shooting, putting the lives of customers & the employees at risk.

I told people for months that it was a lie, that there was no sex ring in the basement of a pizza shop in DC; for that I was called all manner of crude names. For one thing, the pizza shop didn’t have a basement and it was obvious, it was being spread by those who wanted to impugn the character of Mrs. Clinton.

At least this time, Jones owned up to it being untruthful; perhaps he & his ilk should stop spreading this manure around in the first place.

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