There is kindness, always…

I was born in México City by the year 1987.

When I was in my mom’s womb, one day we were coming back home and find out somebody got into the apartment. He or them took off all my mom jewelry and left nothing, it was a very important moment in my mom’s life specially because she says it helped her appreciate life itself, and leave away all the material world she was coming from. Yes, she and my dad got scared but they were very thankful with God they were not there, and we were blessed to be safe and sound.

Me, I was super safe and got all the beat (til today lol). Some people say babies take all the emotions from their mother’s when they are on the womb, I personally believe it. That day i learned a very special lesson: there is kindness in every single human being, no matter how, we ALL are always guided by love (however we can tell love is, according to our experiences) there is always love, in this case love for yourself and/or your family.

You may be thinking I’m talking about how kind and loving my parents were to take a moment to be thankful to be alive (specially my mom being preggy, who got worried about what would happen if the thief would have seen her condition), but no, this moment that changed my life before being born is about the guy i never met.

How am I so sure the thief was a boy and not a girl? Is pretty simple, in our genes as human beings man has the push to be the provider of the family, (even though in my culture many of the families are more pushed by woman, but that’s another topic) so by logic this guy needed to provide his family.

Some people call me crazy when i tell them my life mantra is: “There is kindness in every single human being alive”, but there is, love is something natural, pure and genuine inside of us, right where God lives.

Stealing is a very big word for some people, i truly believe that if you see something that is not yours is somebody elses, so don’t take it, is very simple for me because i grew up knowing that principle to live into a society, but not everyone receive that lesson the same way, and that doesn’t make you a good or a bad person, it all depends on the contexts and beliefs you grew up with.

I had been thinking about that guy once every while since I heard the story at a short age, and every time i think about him I don’t feel anger at all, I feel compassion and love and i want to tell him “Hey amigo! Is ok, I hope that money may help your financial situation on that moment”. because he grew up knowing, believing and/or thinking like everyone else that he had to look for what was better for him and his family, and that was by bringing food to the table (To get the money on a legal way was something he probably didn’t learn very well but he did what he knew, i cannot judge him for that).

Maybe this guy needed to feed his family, to buy drougs, to pay rent, to pay a quinceañera party, i don’t know, but I truly believe that deep inside of him his intention was not to make my parents scared, but to provide his family, simple.

I’m so thankful to this person for showing me not to judge people, but to always look on people’s background. When we hear about thiefs, homeless, prostitutes, or even when we met someone who is not very good looking, we naturally back off because we are visual human beings and we have our beliefs on taking care of ourselves when we see them, but let’s don’t back off, let’s better stand up, reach up and look them to the eyes to find out there’s always kindness and there’s always a story to listen and when you do, your perspective, not only about that person but about the world, changes for the rest of your life.