a note for Kehlani


People call Kehlani overhyped because her voice isn’t all that powerful; her work is overwhelmingly “girly”; her music isn’t innovative. Which is valid — except being too “girly” — consider your flawed gender roles.

But to see a queer womxn of color be so open about her flaws, vocalize when she is hurt and when she heals, create honestly, is powerful — that, and she uses her voice to lift others up. She’s soft, sensitive, loving… publicly. And encourages us to do the same.


I truthfully don’t enjoy all your music and don’t play it all that often, but every time I’ve seen you live you’ve filled crowds with hope for the future, internal fire to create for good, and desire to love. I think that’s the best thing art could possibly accomplish.

Thank you for using your voice to empower and grow. I’m so glad lil queer girls figuring themselves out get to do so with you.


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