Happy Thanksgiving y’all from me Gloria Poole in Missouri

Happy Thanksgiving y’all which means happy thanksgiving to you all. Thanksgiving is such a fun time of food, family , friends and fellowship. It’s also a time for remembering one by one the many blessings in your life.

In my life, I learned that when I thank GOD for what HE has done and is doing, my attitude corrects so that my relationship to THE LIVING GOD improves and my peace returns. That was difficult to do this year because those subsets of humans include some “bad” ones and they tried to annihilate me on the web using several illegal tactics of breaking into my wired telephone, breaking into my computers, installing malware w/ a so-called “upgrade” and trying to hijack my REAL NAME, and stealing art I created, and tweets I wrote to post to their domains, and stealing passwords with keylogger device, and sting-ray over a period of 25 days. I had to buy a new computer to be able to get full internet access again & be able to login to any account of mine.

The reality of how fragile the internet is has really become an issue with me. I wonder if internet users are totally wasting their lives by expecting any degree of satisfaction from the replacement of real humans with “online personas”? I also wonder if as time advances, will the collective human race look back on this era as the “dark ages” when people needed to buy expensive equipment and high monthly bills to know what is happening in their neighborhoods and the world? By contrast, books are inexpensive, easy to use, accessible whatever physical position you want to be in — sitting, laying down, in recliner, at pool, at beach, in garden, on balcony and compared with the cost of the internet & the equipment to access it, that requires replacing good, working computers with new “upgraded” when the manufacturer says so, not when necessary. Books also do not require passwords, or run the risk of your entire life being ruined by a malicious, evil exhusband, or your bank accounts hijacked, or your activities stalked by same evil exhusband. Books seem to win the battle .

Yet, there is an addictive quality built into online platforms that is intentional. Computer manufacturers including “smartphone” computers add in more and more content that has the power to addict the user — games, apps, ways to spy on your “friends” and fellow earth-dwelling humans.

As Registered Nurse I have to wonder if we the human race have “settled” for inanimate “relationships” with our robots [Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc] and for the false sense of “intimacy” that smartphones purposely create as if the “relationship” with one’s computers take first place in all realms of life? Think on it. I would like other people’s feedback on this subject. I think there is a way to comment to this blog but I am not really sure, but I know you can comment by either tweeting me directly or direct-messaging me on twitter. To direct message you have to first follow that person and get them to follow you back unless you have your settings so that anyone can direct message you, fyi.To message me on twitter, my corresponding twitter account to this is @glorias_writing. To read it on web, https://twitter.com/glorias_writing.

Enjoy a happy thanksgiving as a way of re-balancing your life and reminding yourself how good and pleasant it is to spend real time with real humans.

Also, I updated my https://gloriapoole.blogspot.com, with brief message at about 1am last night after 25 days of having my big computer locked down by criminal thugs, and being squelched [throttled] by telco that is my isp account that charges me for “high-speed internet” [fraudulently, since they choked my lil netbook to death and then hijacked the administrator password login page, falsely assuming that a woman [like me] couldn’t possibly be the “administrator” of it. My response was to buy a new computer finally [yesterday] to get back to being able to access the content the telco squelched to force me to buy new computer. Here’s the thing: if my telco /isp can do that to me, they can do that to you also. Online platforms are very fragile , unreliable methods of communicating. If you doubt that, look back at this year how many companies and government agencies were hacked and how many MILLIONS of people had their identities stolen by the web.

Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse, artist, Missouri. Copyright. 23 Nov 2017 at 11:13pm, central time.

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