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On a different topic, please oppose genetic modification of humans. Insist on a ban on GMO-humans! Genetic modification of humans should be illegal. what it does and how: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/08/human-embryos-gene-editing-crispr-us-health-science/; w/ quote : ““The scientists are out of control,” says George Annas, director of the Center for Health Law, Ethics & Human Rights at the Boston University School of Public Health, who thinks that scientists should not edit the genomes of human embryos for any reason.”…”The panel recommended that in the case of the human germline — genes passed down from generation to generation — scientists refrain from editing genes for any purpose other than treating or preventing a disease or disability. The report also insisted on a more robust public debate before such experiments begin.”

For more on the debates raging across America on the prolife issues please read https://prolife-nurse.blogspot.com and also