I, Gloria Poole/ gloriapoole drew this and painted it onto 8 x 11 cardstock paper and then painted it with watercolor and a brush, and signed it, photographed it, uploaded it, signed it several times to attempt to add it to this blog [I had to make some changes to wrench my medium account away from criminal ID thieves!].

I painted this as a way of “going green” — reminding people of the effort to save the planet from things such as alcohol, illegal drugs, mind-altering substances, people who kill babies, and all around bad people who break into the private computers of other people to try to steal.

My way of ‘going green” is to promote healthy lifestyles every chance I get — to encourage people not to pollute the planet with tobacco smoke, or alcohol containers tossed by drunken abusers, or whacko-outa-their-mind criminals who have no morals.

I also updated other blogs of mine today including :

If you click on each of those links you will see the actual art I created and posted today instead of the header that are my selfies at different times.

Copyright.Gloria Poole. Missouri. 12th June 2017 ; 5:45pm. Gloria Poole,Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri/artist/author/cartoonist/illustrator/photographer/twice-divorced/single-again/white/Christian/republican/blogger/tweeter/woman-mother of 2 grown daughters named Jennifer and Leigh, own all rights to this entire blog and to all blogs, sites and art, words and photos I create. The copyrights of all art, all words, and all photos on this blog are reserved too [kept for] me Gloria Poole. You may not copy this blog, nor make prints from it. You may not make reproductions of any art or photos on this blog. You may not download from this blog. You may not forward your domains to this blog nor to any blog or site of mine. You may not save any of this content to your disk or harddrive or flash drive. The criminal ID thief who breaks into my accounts is going to federal prison soon I hope for stalking me and cybercrimes and ID theft and causing me concussion, fractures and permanent damage to my physical body and trying to kidnap me and trying to kill me four times in years 2002–2006.

You can follow me on twitter and you can see more of the art I created by Googling my name in quotations such as “gloriapoole” or “Gloria Poole” or “gloria-poole” or “gloria.poole” or “gloria0817” or ‘gpoole817" .and or “gloria poole + art”.

Gloria Poole,at my own NOT shared apartment in Missouri where I create all art, all content on all sites or blogs of mine.EVERYTHING in this apartment in Missouri belongs ONLY to me Gloria including the internet account; the telephones, the computers, the cameras and the books, papers etc and every thing in this apartment! The criminal hacker that breaks in is NOT authorized on any account of mine. 12 June 2017 at 5:48pm.

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