I’m thrilled to have this new medium, and I am exploring it very gradually. I LOVE twitter which is the parent company, and I tweet almost every day but on different accounts including @gloriapoole, and @gloria_poole.

When I signed in, I read that I have 2 followers : Udacity and Corsair Publishing so thank you very much.

I intend this to be a long read platform for me but I also write on other platforms including https://words-that-work-LLP.blogspot.com on topic “live the life you were intended to live” and also on

I post art sketches and sometimes oil paintings when I have painted a new one on blogs of mine so you will see info about those if you google my name. Or you can begin by viewing https://gloriapoole.blogspot.com.

I wrote on the topic of real women today on another platform of mine at https://real-women-have-babies.blogspot.com.

I logged back in to add the fact that I created a twitter account @glorias_writing also this evening.

Above is a personal logo I created for 2017 with a cartoon I drew and painted and signed . It is also on other blogs and sites of mine for continuity. Copyright .

COPYRIGHT. Gloria Poole,RN,artist; Missouri; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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