Mind racing, feet pacing, still pondering about a place with sun-kissed everything, and waves for days, the thought of it all reminds me of your grace… day dreaming, night thinking, heart drifting, losing track of time and space, enter a foreign place, just you and me, 3,000 feet from anything, anyone, is there such a place? Let me find it for you, let me take you some day, not today, but one day — when the time is right, when the stars align, when you realize you’re fine, with or without a wife, but do it for you, girl, don’t do it for me, go find your creed, date who you need, seek solitude somewhere in between, go on, run along, sprint far away from me, hit every mile marker in the plan, catch a break when you can, when your legs are tired, and you’ve outrun the rest, hope you love who you see at the finish line, I pray she puts a medal around your neck.

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