Benefits of Following Gods Plan Prt.3

2. The Peace of God Abides with You- The unique Grace that accompanies Gods divine plan is peace. The peace that passes all of human understandings. When you are led of the Lord on the way to go, great peace of heart comes with it because you are in the center of Gods plan for your life. God’s way are paths of peace Prov.3:17. Many would say this scripture is referring of wisdom, but i have a question for you.

What is wisdom? Wisdom is knowing exactly what to do, both in life and in every given situation or circumstance and doing it. Jesus has being made unto us wisdom 1Cor.1:30 and He being given the Spirit of wisdom Isaiah 11:2 said i only do what i see my father do and say only what I hear my father say John 5:19 & 30. So if wisdom Himself(Jesus Christ) operated by divine guidance, what are we doing in trying to be wise without God's leadings? James3:17-18.

Therefore, by this we understand that Gods plan for us is His divine wisdom revealed to us concerning our life and destinies, which gives us access to such peace that sets us to rest and grants us quietness in our lives.

Thus, in every of Gods divine plan for your life, comes great peace of heart. For Psalms 23:1–3 says the Lord is my shepherd…He leads me besides the still waters. He restores my soul: He leads me in the path of righteousness for His name sake. Therefore by this we understand that His leadings brings unending peace into our lives as we keep in step with Him every step of the way.

Decision Guide
If you desire to subscribe for Gods plan for your life please pray this prayer after me:

Heavenly father I come before you today believing you are the God of all flesh. I know your thoughts for me are thoughts of good and not of evil to give me a future and a hope. Therefore I choose your will and plan for my life over mine.( if you are not yet born again please feel free to pray this also, believing with your heart as you say the words) I believe in my heart and confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord, He came to the world, died for me and on the third day He rose again that I should be sanctified and saved. I confess all of my sins to you today, repentant of them all and i receive my forgiveness of sins and cleansing from all unrighteousness. Take my life Jesus Christ and do something beautiful with it, Amen. Thank you Jesus for saving me, now and for evermore in Jesus name Amen.
(If you are already born again or just prayed this prayer of salvation just complete your vision declaration by saying) I surrender my life to today lord Jesus, take my life, show me your way, direct me in your infinite wisdom and Grace. Leading me, direct me, use me and make a beautiful tapestry our of it all in Jesus name. Thank you lord that your vision is abounding towards me from now henceforth till forevermore. Amen.

The Way Forward
Congratulations, you are now a born again child of God. Welcome to the fold of Gods people and Begin to ask God to reveal His plan for your life and you would shocked to discover His glorious plan for your life which is already blessed. Get a Bible, so you can begin learning about God’s goodness in your life. You can start from the book of Romans to know and understand what just happened to you now at New birth.

Allow the Lord lead you to a good church that believes in the love and goodness of God. Believing in Jesus, the Holy Spirit and His Grace. Please stay tuned for the next post on “Gods Plan for your life ”. The previous posts are at your disposals. Keep reading and stay blessed. Amen

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