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well well amazingly we are seeing intolerance from the self appointed smarter than every one else crowed….. professing themselves to be wise they became as fools .Folks the reason the left is so vehemently going after Trump is because …yes… He will appoint federal and supreme court justices that will overturn all the evil decisions pushed threw and around the popular opinion… hopefully abortion ,and filthy acts of sodomy being justified…as… some type of prejudice even though still to this very day there is NO real evidence showing a person is born homosexual….there is only opinions stating evidence that begin with there could be and possibly ….now there is your fake news!! Trump is their worst nightmare because yes He will actually remove their nuke to shove their minority evil objectives into our culture threw the liberal appointed judges . Our next objectives must be to Sucre justices and bring up new cases that challenge the liberal justices political opinions that (ruled) their rulings, and get back to a good moral nation that the majority of our nation wants .Till then ignore their hate and their silly attacks on issues like how much the President we voted in spends on travel and remember Trump want even take his salary.The future is ours

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