Art Fair PH 2017

Gallery: Art Underground

In the “Art Underground” gallery, I’ve only seen one artist being featured, Marc Aran Reyes. The displayed artworks depict its theme through showing the simplicity of the chosen color but still keep to maintain the depth of the message that it wants to express. This specific gallery focuses on the timeline in life (past, present, and future) with a title of “The Oneiric Time Piece.” Coming up with this creative idea is oddly satisfying because even the placement of the artworks matters because this also signifies and organizes the thought that the artist wanted to tell the audience. As observed, “The Arduous Past” is placed on the left side, “The Audacious Future” on the right side, while “The Wistful Present” is in the middle in order to further show the importance on how the present time could balance the past and the future. Therefore, as human beings, we should really give importance the people around us and value the time we have to spend with them. I was really amazed by the artist coming up with this masterpiece because as soon as I and my friends entered the exhibit, this gallery already caught my attention and it feels like there’s some vibes that just jive in inside me that made me cry out of happiness and overwhelmed feeling.

Artworks by: Marc Aran Reyes

Compared to other galleries around Art Underground, I have observed that there’s a huge difference on the art that they have created, from its medium to the masterpiece produced, I can clearly see how diverse an artist can be. Unlike the aforementioned gallery that only have shades of gray to express its message, others have colorful imaginations that they literally translate into the art they have shown and some used other materials like glass, marble, crumpled paper, audio-visual equipment, etc. Overall, each gallery contains its originality to express the artist’s message and also to catch the viewer’s attention. Personally, I wasn’t attracted to other colorful designs that other galleries have despite of its eye-catching hues because I find the color gray more attractive and elegant. Like what other people say, there’s a lot of mysteries hiding behind the color black, and it’s for us to discover.

“The Arduous Past” by Marc Aran Reyes

The painting entitled “The Arduous Past” depicts the happenings and memories we’ve had in the past, whether we wanted it or not, but one thing’s for sure, these experiences will surely leave us the lesson that we needed to further improve our lives and our behaviors toward reacting on a certain situation in the future. Based on the painted image, it’s a blurred picture of a young lady that have blocks behind and a house-like image at the end of it, I think that those objects represent the trials and hardships that she has encountered throughout her life and her blurry face shows how courageous she was on facing that and how she is determined to face another chapter of her life. And I can personally relate to everything I have said to describe her because I also have an arduous past yet I’m still here fighting and getting through life.

“The Wistful Present” by Marc Aran Reyes

In line with the previous painting, wistful means having or showing sad thoughts and feelings about something that you want to have or do especially about something that made you happy in the past, in short it’s about looking in the blissful memories we have had in the past. However, life is somehow also about moving on, right? So, how can we all move on if we are stuck in the past, stuck from the haunted memories that will never happen the same way it did, stuck with the people who made you feel happy, stuck with something that you can’t let go because of its sentimental value, stuck with your favorite song that you used to play on the speaker of your bedroom, stuck with your favorite movie even though its starring actors and actresses have already passed away in real life, stuck in your favorite playground that you and your childhood crush used to play each other’s hands without malice or anything in mind just two little kids worrying nothing in life, and stuck with every single memory inside of your mind. We should all learn to know our limitations on how far can our emotional stability reach through these memories, learn how to live and let go, let go of the things that make your life toxic, let go of the negativity, let go of the sadness and foolishness, let go of the people who make you feel miserable because it’s not about being a jerk who just takes away people from their life, it’s all about maturity and growing up. Lastly, we should all learn how to enjoy the tie that we have right now.

“ The Audacious Future” by Marc Aran Reyes

This one unveils positivity that we should believe will happen in the near future. The image and the position of the girl shows a lot of courage, passion, determination, enthusiasm, good vibes, and a whole lot of positive descriptions you have in mind. This painting simply shows hopefulness and moving forward from every wrongful decision we have made and correct it with the right actions needed instead of living your life with regrets. With this being said, the image of the girl with her upper-body uplifted shows that she’s all lifting everything from someone out there, and I think that’s God. And as a teenager, I want to view life optimistically and excitingly because whenever I fail, I always think that God has better plans reserved for me and I lift everything up to God’s perfect time while I’m working with it. I know that God has plans for each of us we just gotta learn how to wait and trust His plans.

Filipino Contemporary Artists

Dex Fernandez

I and my friends only went to Dex Fernandez’s gallery out of curiosity because there’s a long line in front of it and it looks like some blockbuster movie line, so we get in. And alas! The time spent in waiting for our turn to get in didn’t just get wasted because of its beauty and the audio-visual production prepared. There’s a huge screen in front where all the art works made by him and other artists were being flashed, on the side there’s an area wherein his sketchpad or the portfolio of his art works is placed. On the wall of the gallery, drawings from the visitors/audience were posted. And it’s really fun because there’s a table reserved, with painting materials, for anyone who wants to make art. The aforementioned interactive activity lets anyone paint even if you’re an artist or art, it just lets you express yourself through freely painting and spontaneously putting your thoughts on paper. Even though some of the posted works seem to look childish compared to the matured works of other Filipino contemporary artists.

Patricia Perez Eustaquio

I was amazed by the art works exhibited in this gallery because of its authenticity. Fabrics were used to express the message that Ms. Eustaquio wants to convey with the audience. It is written on the side-caption that fabrics were used and known for its elegance and viewed as a luxury. This just shows how imaginative Filipino artists can be. Using this kind of medium to express art is really one of a kind and this may show or represent someone’s status in life. The materials used, especially fabrics, have emphasized its outer beauty and the meaning behind this is left for the audience to interpret. For me, this gallery shows how limitless and wide the concept of art can be. Whether you’re using the traditional mediums for producing arts, paper and pen, or new innovative materials such as cloth or fabrics and anything you have in mind.

Regarding the audience…

Visiting a museum or any art exhibit brings out the kid in me because it was always my dream to visit an art fair whether it’s local or international. I’m really fond of sharing my life with this kind of place. On my visit to the National Museum, there are gradeschool students who are having their field trip and aside from them there are just several people who visit the museum compared to the huge number of visitors in the Art Fair Philippines. Based on my observation, some of the students there are in awe of the things they are seeing, some are taking pictures, some are observing every art work and paintings they see. On the other hand, the audience in the Art Fair PH is really different from those of the people in the National Museum because, I’m not being biased or judgmental here, they are way more classy because of the way they dress and the way they react on seeing the exhibited arts. Moreover, people may seem to have an upper-class status in the society because the paintings and art works displayed in the gallery are made to sell. Overall, I enjoyed the art fair, compared to the visit in National Museum, even though it really feels so tiring because the place is too crowded.

Other images:

ART LAB: Atelier Cesare & Jean Marie Syjuco
ART LAB: Atelier Cesare & Jean Marie Syjuco
ART LAB: Atelier Cesare & Jean Marie Syjuco