This is my first time to visit National Museum and I was really amazed.
Hills of Nikko by Jose T. Joya

This painting caught my attention because of its uniqueness and originality. This may not seem so interesting to everyone but I really love the mystery behind every abstract art and I admire how the artists let us interpret their work based on what we see, what medium they have used.

Prehistoric Man by Isabelo Tampinco Y Lacandola

I have no idea about how to caption this photo, so I just typed and put the first thing that comes in my mind that’s how I came up with that. Well, as a student and as a part of the millennials today, we really love making memes or something that we can laugh and relate with.

Ina ng Lahi by Jose P Alcantara

This sculpture shows so much beauty in its simplicity. I adore how the artist did not put so much stuff on it just for the viewers or audience to catch their attention but the image itself already made me realized to not overdressed or do so much just to impress anyone, instead we should dress up for ourselves.

Figurine of Victory by Isabelo Tampinco Y Lacandola

Well, this is really relatable especially on our times because we cannot ignore the fact that we are taking different courses every semester that makes life kind of harder and also what makes it more difficult is when the procrastination strikes harder and faster than a lightning like, can you imagine?

Bondage by Papo De Asis

This one is related on the previous picture because this also symbolizes procrastination at its finest. I personally tend to do unproductive things in my free time and worry about my responsibilities the night before its deadline so I really relate on what’s written on the caption.

Takip-silim (Twilight) by Danilo Garcia

When you are already consumed and used up of other people’s drama everyday so you decided to just go and live alone. I really don’t like fake people (well, who likes fake people anyway?) and I’m sick of staying around them so I am doing some moves to stay away from the negativities they are bringing to me. And I think, it’s called maturity.

Bihag by Edgar Talusan Fernandez

It really feels so exhausting, especially midterms week is coming, to know and be reminded that we are going to take major exams from different subjects. And it feels more tiring and depressing when you did not study the night before or ahead of of your exam date so that painting reminds me of how the students cram everything the night before the deadline.

Girl Reading A Book by Vidal A. Tampinco

When I have seen this sculpture, this immediately reminds me that this exactly describes me as a human, as a simple girl who just wants to explore the world without moving my feet and just wants to escape the world for a while through reading different stories written from different genius authors.