Self-ish March Newsletter

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Hola Self-ish people!

February was such a full month here at Self-ish and we are so eager to get into March and keep telling amazing stories. As always, we are pleased to have you on this journey with us.

***New writer alert!***
We heartily welcome Juven Dunn, our first Jamaican on Self-ish!!! She has settled in nicely and is already thrilling us with profound verse. You should read her poem, Voices where she portrays the powerful hold that our inner voices have on our existence. In the author’s words, “these inward voices are always on the front line”.

February Prompt Responses

February was…

A poem

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We don’t do epitaphs and tombstones,
Or tiled graves with fences.

We don’t keep albums and framed pictures on walls,
We talk in hushed past tenses.

There are no memorial services,
We consider them gratuitous expenses.

When a dear one leaves us,
We do cry as though we lost our senses.

But after we’ve filled the hole in the ground,
It’s almost as if they never were.

In memory of the ones we have loved and lost in my family. Your pictures are not on our walls, but they are etched in our souls. We miss you!

Disclaimer: I always…

Self-ish February Updates

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Hello loves,

It’s the month of love, so I figured we might as well express ours for you. Yes, YOU. We’re grateful that you’re always here, reading us, clapping, leaving your thoughts and sharing our stories!

Thank you, we love you right back!

Now on a less mushy note (*clears throat), we have a new writer!

Biemfor Bisi A. is a Cameroonian writer living in Canada and we’re excited to have her as part of the Self-ish gang! Watch this space for her hilarious and profound stories.

January Prompt Responses

Our January prompt was:

Something Beautiful, Something Cold

We asked for stories about…

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Or Affair?

Helplessly sucked into the force field that is you.
I blink and I’m sinking in you.
No footholds.
No blindfolds.
I witness my unending fall for you.

I know you’re fire, primal flame
And you will ravage me.
You will exchange my beauty for ashes
You will burn regret into the fabric of my soul.

But I convince myself
A little singeing never hurt anyone.
I tell myself over and over
That my scars will eventually be art.
I‘m ready for the burning
I’m welcoming the flame.

You make the lies roll off my tongue A little too…

Self-ish January Newsletter

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Hello Self-ish people,

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021.

We’re grateful to be here and more so that you are here too. We hope the year began on a hopeful note and you’re looking forward to having memorable moments and experiencing growth even much more than you did in 2020.

And speaking of growth, some of us have shared what we learned from 2020 and how it changed us in several ways:

Fọlábòmí gave us a poignant poem about Deep Cuts possibly gotten in the course of 2020, Arnold reminded us to hope in the face of a world that…

My (somewhat late) Self-ish Story of 2020

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2020 was the year I put myself through various ‘experiments’ because I intentionally wanted to understand me: how my mind worked, how my body worked.

With my body, for example, I undertook intermittent fasting throughout the entire year, to see whether and how much I would lose weight or develop healthier eating habits. I did lose a few kilograms but as for the latter, I’m not so sure.

I also fasted from artificial sugar for the first half of the year, to gauge the effects that sugar was having on my skin (as I had earlier read somewhere that sugar…

Buckle up, it’s a long one!

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Hello Dearest Self-ish People,

Whew, this has been some year, hasn’t it!

Yesterday, as I (Glory Mafor) followed a YouTube live session where one of my favourite YouTubers was unboxing (or in this case, ‘un-enveloping’) his latest collection of books, we talked about how the year has been for him and those of us watching. The only words I could come up with were:

Emotional Whiplash.

What this means courtesy of Urban Dictionary is:

An extreme, rapid series of emotions that leave everyone involved including the person who is experiencing the emotions, disoriented and/or confused.

There has been too much…

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A poem

He waited for me to get back home,
Opened the gate with a frown and pointed to his wrist.
Do you know what time it is?
Do you know how unsafe this city is?


She put her the back of her palm on my forehead
Clucked her tongue
Brought a glass of water and held out the pills.
She shut the door, warned everyone to shut up so I could rest.


He sighed and pulled out his wallet
Looked inside despairingly and his shoulders sagged.
“How much do you need?” …

The poet and a tree.

A poem

There’s a quote that reads,

“If you don’t like where you are now, move. You are not a tree!”.

I have liked it.
Reposted it.
Shared it.
People have liked it.
Reposted it.
Shared it.

It sounds so wise.

But then, maybe I actually WANT to be a tree?

Maybe I want to find a place I call home, plant my roots deep in its soils, draw strength from the depths?

Maybe I want to shed toxic traits like old dry leaves and look forward to fresh spring friendships, Yet remaining grateful for the loyal friends that stayed grafted to…

Glory Mafor

Writer, editor, spoken word poet, worship leader. I believe in the transformative power of art and creative expression. Find me on other platforms: @glorymafor2

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