Q: Need help?

A: The Holy Spirit has an app for that.

Very rarely do I downplay or criticize technology. Totally love it. However, like everything: 1) Science and technology are subject to God. 2) “There is no name greater than Jesus” is not just a popular saying; it’s the truth, and when truth shows up, it will ever retain face value. 3) Jesus did it first. Technology can be as cutting edge as it wants to be, but it’s still a copy of ‘The Original’… forever.

Now, I have stated all of these things to say this, you know how we have an “app” for almost everything? This terminology seems new but for understandings’ sake, I play on this concept to breathe into your Spirit what distractions would like for us to forget; the Holy Spirit has an answer for that. And not just any answer, the right answers, the now answers, the later answers, the tough answers, the true answers, the God answer.

I am newly divorced, a single mother of two glorious children, and I find myself in personal uncharted territory everyday. Don’t we all. Right? But there is an app for that. God has already seen my entire life and the lives of my children so why not consult Him on the right moves?

With that being said, where in your life are you at wit’s end architecture? Let me call to your remembrance, a Savior who decided you were worthy of His love before you had the opportunity to play out your life song. He knew every little and big deal you would make. He has all the answers, and sitting inside of you is God’s Holy Spirit waiting on you to call out to God. All the answers, all you ever needed was in Jesus and now lives in you.

In John 14:26 (paraphrased) Jesus says the Father sends us the comforter/advocate/ helper, better known as the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit “will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I have told you.”

We have help. Jesus left the app on record. Thank God for His Holy Spirit that dwells within you. Use your infinite resources. #GodSavvy #GloriousMinistry

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