Not everybody is blessed with thick shining locks. Even those who do have great hair need to invest some time to maintain their beautiful tresses. Here are some tips from our hair design Acland St experts help you maintain your lovely tresses that are sure to draw envious glances.

Consider the Quality of Water

If you live in an area where the water is soft, your hair will feel soft and silky after every wash.

However, over-hydration can often leave naturally limp hair look all the more wilted and lifeless. …

With myriad shades available in the market, dyeing your hair is no longer a problem. The problem lies in choosing the right shade. So before you pick a shade, be sure to consult one of our hair design St Kilda specialists. We can help you choose a shade that will suit you best.

Take a Look at Your Eyes

The colour of your eyes often indicates a hair colour shade that will make you look beautiful and stylish.

Our hair design St Kilda specialists recommend darker shades for people with hazel, green or brown eyes. Lighter hues look best on…

You want to try out the latest hair colour in the market. You get your hair coloured only to find you don’t like the look. You want to go back to the way your hair was and grow out that new colour.

However, growing out a colour takes time, patience and expert handling.

The best hair design St Kilda salons have professionals who can help you to grow out a particular colour without damaging your hair.

Start from Scratch

Never try to grow out a particular colour by applying another colour over it. …


Few people are blessed with thick lustrous hair that falls like a straight coat all around you. Most people have thin hair. However, there’s no reason to consider yourself exceptionally unlucky.

Rather, contact a professional hair stylist for the right tips and the best hair design St Kilda that will make your thin hair look voluminous and dazzling.

Tease Your Hair to Create an Illusion of Volume

This is a simple trick used at some of the best hair design St Kilda salon. This technique is perfect for adding volume using a simple hairbrush and some good quality hairspray.



Nothing can be worse than having a bad hair day on a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday or an office function. However, in today’s hectic world, you hardly have the time to visit a hair design St Kilda parlour in to prepare for an elaborate hairdo on such occasions.

So if you have just remembered that there is an occasion to attend in the evening and your hair is at its worst, do not fret. …


In the midst of your hectic life, spending a few hours at a luxurious hair salon is one of the few indulgences you allow yourself. Understandably, you want to flaunt your hair treatment and keep it that way for as long as you can.

Seek advice from a stylist at our hair design Acland St parlour. Insider information is always crucial when you want your hair to look its best after a salon treatment.

Keep Your Hands Off

Don’t touch your hair immediately after your hair design Acland St treatment. …

A square-face is often considered the best shape one can have. Square faces boast excellent bone structure, high cheekbones and well-defined; strong jaw lines. It’s a face with almost perfect symmetry with great character and dimensions.

However, square faces also make women look a little masculine with all those sharp and bold features. So if you have a square face, use your hair to soften your features and add a touch of feminine glamour.

The best hair design studios in St Kilda have expert hair stylists who know all about different styles that can accentuate your bold features without compromising…

Luxurious tresses are considered the crowning glory of your features. Dull, lifeless hair not only spoils your overall appearance but can make you look older. Moreover, dry hair that has no shine is an indication of an unhealthy; undernourished scalp.

If your tresses have lost their former glory and you want them back, consult the best hairdressers in Acland St. They are professionally trained to care for different types of hair so your locks retain their health.

Rinse your Hair with Cold Water

At the end of a hot shower, always remember to rinse your hair with cold water. Hot…

The pixie is a bold and dramatic hairstyle that few can carry well. It is a short and strict cut that brings out the best or worst in your features. And being short, there is nothing you can do about it once it’s done and you don’t think the look suits your face or your personality.

So before you go for that pixie cut just because it’s fashionable, always ask your hair design stylist in Acland St if the pixie is really for you.

Does your Stylist Understand You?

It is important that the hair design stylist you visit in

Your hair frames your face and is one of the first things people notice about you. Even your personality, lifestyle and age are often judged by the way you maintain your hair. Shabby, ill-kempt hair with dowdy haircut adds years to your actual age, making you look older.

If you really care about how you look, visit a good hair design salon in St Kilda today. They have expert stylists who can design your hair in ways that will instantly cut off the years from your age.

Keep it Straight and Glossy

Nothing makes you look younger than healthy, straight…

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