Game Ready Glоvеѕ

Softball gloves, like baseball gloves, are made of thick leather and padding that is intended to provide long life for the glove while providing protection for the players when they catch the ball. This combination of long life and protection for the player means the manufacturers deliver a glove that is stiff as board and can take months or in some cases year to break-in. Most players want to use their new gloves now but until it is properly broken-in their most important piece of defensive equipment just doesn’t deliver performance they can be confident with playing. Often this means that brand new expense leather gloves that you, or you daughter/ son wanted, wanted so badly gets put to the bottom of the equipment bag until you have time to break it in properly…maybe a month…maybe years.

Manufacturers keep talking about introducing fully broken-in gloves, some even rate the amount of break-in remaining for the player, usually from 50% to 80%. Still these almost broken-in or soft gloves are not ready to play, and for most players they are just as stiff and hard to use in the field as the gloves that came before them.

Ready to Play Gloves

A cottage industry has developed offering services to break-in and/or shape to get them ready to play gloves. There are companies that offer steams, oils, models, and mallets, to name a few, that cost anywhere from a few dollars to more than 100 dollars. The primary offers here are either a chemical/ oil/ water solution, some type of high temperature (steam, ovens, and microwaves for example), models that hold the gloves to shape, or devices that beat the glove into submission. The problem is none of these actually Breaks the glove in and many are harmful for the glove and/ or for the player. The process is 100% natural uses no chemicals, extreme heat, pounding or pressure.

Break in a Glove

The right equipment enhances the play of every player. Breaking — In a Glove is a process that when completed provides a glove that is fully flexible, without being floppy, properly shaped to be open and ready to close around the ball, and having taken on the character of the player. A properly broken-in gloves performs at 100% enhancing the players’ skills and building confidence that every play that comes their way will be a success. When properly broken-in a glove is ready for a player to add their individual character to make that glove their own.