Brand Yourself!

  1. Self Analysis
  1. Dependable: I believe whenever someone relies on me to do something whether its a group project or a simple task they can trust me to go through with it without second guessing themselves if they have relied on the wrong person.
  2. Honest: When I have made a mistake or did something wrong my peers don’t have to ask others whether I’m telling the truth or lying because I am usually honest with my answer. I try my best not to give excuses and deal with the situation up front.
  3. Creative: I can come up with various ideas while working in a group or on an assignment to make the best possible outcome. This usually helps me in hard situations when nobody else can think of anything.
  4. Social: I can communicate well with others, ask questions if needed, and get my point across efficiently with little to no misunderstanding.
  1. Easily Distracted: I usually listen to instruction or when my peers are conversing with me, but sometimes I will start to focus on something else I might see around me and tune them out not giving them my full attention.
  2. Lack of Motivation: I will usually have great ideas that I would want to set out in motion but then after sometime I will get to lazy to even try doing it same for school assignments.
  3. Pessimistic: I can be very negative when things aren’t coming out as expected and always looks at situation more realistically then hope for the good.

Most Common Adjectives for Strengths:

Loyal, Social, Considerate.

Most Common Adjectives for Weaknesses:

Negative, Procrastinator, Lazy.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Was your friends and family members descriptions accurate in your opinion? Why or Why not?

I think their opinion of me is quite accurate I know for sure that I tend to be lazy and will usually bring up tiny mistakes or any cons when working with others although not often. I can be easy to get along with when put in various work settings and will usually look out for my peers to see if they need any help with anything so they’re aware they can depend on me.

Were you surprised by any of the comments? Why or Why not?

I was not surprised by their comments because I am already aware of a lot of traits that I may be perceive as and acknowledge it.

Are you going to make changes based on the comments. Why or Why not?

Yes I will make changes based on the comments because if other can see my weaknesses then it will also affect them even if it’s not directly.

If you are going to make changes based on the comments collected, then what types of changes are you planning to make?

I will try to be more optimistic about different situations I will come across and try inspiring myself more to do tasks that are important so I won’t slack off.

Overall, were the comments helpful? Why or Why not?

Yes the comments were helpful since they made me realize I’m not the only one who notices things about myself.

Job Title: Therapist

Job Description: Under general supervision, provides comprehensive physical therapy evaluations and treatments to patients

Feature Benefit (selling) Statement:

I believe that I can be the best candidate for this job because serious yet lighthearted depending on the situation. This shows my analytical skills as I can grasp my surroundings using the context clues given off by people’s behaviors and attitudes. With more and more experience I improve these skills and try to help families, children, and adults to best of my ability while also learning from them to better myself.