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Snapchat, Flip it and Reverse it

It’s been a big week for Snapchat, the company has unveiled three new updates.

Introducing an augmented reality feature called World Lenses, a rewind feature very similar to (read: the same as) Instagram Stories and feature that now means you can share a snap from a friend’s story to another friend. Because over-sharing is the foundation of a true friendship.

Back to World Lenses for a minute, this update highlights that the company remains invested in blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. Further, these mixed-reality videos could open the door to new forms of advertising.

This kind of rapid product development will be essential to Snap Inc as the company prepares to go public. Click here for more.

Tell your Stories Walkin’

In an effort to increase engagement, Instagram added tagging, links and Boomerang support to Stories.

With the update, users can tag accounts within their Stories just like they’d tag accounts in a photo or video post.

What’s more, Instagram’s built-in version of Boomerang will have a couple of features not part of the main app, like the ability to switch between the front and rear-facing camera and the ability to capture a shorter clip.

Further to the increase engagement goal, Instagram is hoping these features will help users build deeper connections and tell a richer story. Click here to read more.

13th Time’s the Charm

Facebook revealed its latest application, Flash, which is designed to compete with Snapchat specifically developed for users in emerging markets.

Flash is a photo and video sharing app that contains visual overlays that users can place on top of their content, like Snapchat.

FB is clearly trying to cut Snapchat off on all sides — it’s testing camera-first features in Facebook’s core app, copied Snapchat Stories inside of Instagram, and now it’s racing Snapchat to emerging markets, where Facebook has already proven it knows how to grow a user base. Click here for more.

FB Live with Filters

Photo and video editing app Prisma received an update on iOS that allows users on iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 to stream live on Facebook with the app’s visual effects applied to their streams.

Users can open the Prisma app and tap the “Live Stream” button and from there, users can tap the filter button in the top-left corner of the screen to choose from eight filters before going live.

Sponsored filters have been a big hit for Snapchat, but Prisma will need to move very fast to keep users interested and out-smart the likes of Facebook and Google. Read more here.

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