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Netflix and Chill, Underground, in the Air and on the Road

It’s the moment all Netflix addicts have been waiting for — you can finally take Netflix with you on the subway.

The streaming service revealed its new download feature, which will let users watch some of their favorite shows and movies whenever and wherever they want, without internet.

Offline playback is a feature that Netflix executives have previously said the company was unlikely to embrace but it could be a huge help in regions that might not offer the fastest internet — other video rivals like Amazon Video already allow customers to download content to watch anywhere. Click here to binge more.

Moments on the Go

Back in September, Twitter opened up Moments and gave users the ability to create a narrative with a collection of tweets.

Since then, the story-curating feature has only been available on the web. This week though, Twitter announced that Moments is rolling out to all users on mobile as well.

While Twitter has let go of other products recently (most notably it killed the six-second-video app Vine, RIP) however the company has been doubling down on Moments going from building 20–30 per day to up to 250. Well, that’s more like quadrupling down but who’s counting. Click here for more.

Starz Living Room Karaoke BTYB Spotify

You know on Sunday afternoon when you’re kicking back watching Titanic and you’d love nothing more than a Celine Dion sing-a-long but you don’t want to look up the soundtrack on iTunes, because it’s Sunday, and no one’s got time for that kind of commitment?

Well, it seems Starz has a solution. In a partnership with Spotify, Starz has integrated soundtracks directly into its video streaming app, connecting viewers with the music behind their favorite shows and movies.

The move is meant to make Starz’ app more engaging however what’s interesting is that Starz will actually use Spotify users’ listening habits to customize video recommendations.

The precision behind these music-powered recommendations remains to be seen, but it’s not something that’s really been tried before in the other major streaming services. Click here for your hearts to go on.

Spotify puts Bizarre User Habits On Blast

In the latest installment of hilarious marketing campaign that caught our attention, Spotify has taken to billboards to pose some rather serious questions about its users, and provide amusing commentary.

The ads use aggregated data, and even some individual data, to generate headlines like: “Dear person who made a playlist called: ‘One Night Stand With Jeb Bush Like He’s a Bond Girl in a European Casino.’ We have so many questions.”

This is Spotify’s largest marketing campaign to date. Currently, there are 40 million paid users Spotify to Apple Music’s 17 million. Click here to see more.

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