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When 1 becomes 10

Good news multi-photo uploading Instagram spammers! Now, up to ten photos or videos can be bundled together into a single album-like post.

Using the carousel feature, the swipeable format will let users avoid the inevitable Instagram Sophie’s choice — which photo of that sunset in Bali will make the cut? From which angle does my smashed avocado look best? Well, now, why not upload all ten angles and let your social audience decide for you.

This update opens up many new creative opportunities making Instagram an even more desirable tool for brands to reach their audiences. Swipe here for more.

Twitter Ghosts Spook Users by Deleting Tweets

Twitter has begun to remove tweets which it deems offensive in a move to further punish abusive behavior on the site.

TW recently announced a new set of safety features designed to protect users from online abuse, including ‘safe search’ which hides tweets containing potentially sensitive content.

But in a further crackdown, individual tweets are now reportedly being removed from public visibility — without informing the people who posted them.

Clearly, Twitter is honing in on accounts for abusive behavior, such as harassing an account that doesn’t follow them back, or spamming popular hashtags with external links. Safety first, kids. Click here for more.

DMs for Business

In other news, Twitter is experimenting with allowing businesses to direct message customers using employee profiles on the main account. The new feature aims to give people a clearer sense of when they’re talking to a human versus a bot.

With custom profiles, employees can respond to messages with their own name and photo on the business’ direct messaging platform. Companies can also use custom profiles to create a fictional character for messaging bots, in an effort to give them more personality.

Read more here.

Snapchat’s on the Grill

Snapchat’s management team have been grilled by investors ahead of the businesses much anticipated IPO, as they play down concerns over competition from Facebook, user growth and poor reach in developing markets.

ICYMI, Snap is hoping to achieve a valuation of between $19.5bn and $22bn when it floats.

Apparently, as part of their sales pitch Snap officials have produced a canary yellow pitchbook for hedge funds while, in between wedding planning, CEO Evan Spiegel serenades suits over sandwiches and coffee.

The caution surrounding Snap’s impending IPO is understandable. Millennial users are notoriously fickle, jumping from one platform to the next at high speed. Fortunately, there is a solid user-base among adolescents which makes the whole deal appear more stable. Click here for more.