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Snapchat’s Disappearing Earnings

Snap handed over its first financial report since going public, and the numbers didn’t go over well with investors.

The company had a net loss of $2.2 billion, compared to $104.58 million for Q1 of 2016.

Investors weren’t only blindsided by Snap’s disappearing revenue, but also by much slower-than-expected user growth numbers.

The big argument from Snap HQ was that the users it has, many of whom are teenagers, can’t be reached by traditional television or print advertising. So there’s that.

Notably absent from this backpedaling, however, was a comparison of advertising on Snapchat versus other social media. Read more here.

That Ad can’t Help you Lose 5lbs in a Day, Sorry

Clickbait be warned, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm is cracking down on links that send people to dodgy websites full of ads.

FB is actually using a computer model to scan the contents of webpages when users share them on Facebook to determine if they’re spammy.

Links that don’t pass Facebook’s test will be pushed down in News Feed and can’t be promoted as part of a Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook routinely makes efforts to clean up the Feed, including updates to fight the spread of false news. Click here for more, we promise the link is legit. Wink.

Google Plans your Weekend with New Feature

Google is adding a new feature to search results on the Google app and mobile site: local events, which will now show up in a special box when searching queries for events.

Searching for things like “heavy metal events this weekend” will now show an organized list of nearby matches.

Google also allows for more specific searches, so you’ll be able to search for things like “fried chicken eating contest in Kentucky next week” and get similarly filtered results.

The events will be pulled from sites like Eventbrite and Meetup. To read more, click here.