Part 1

Catherine closed her bedroom door and climbed out the window, leaving a trail of blood behind. What happened wasn’t her fault, but no one would ever believe her. Her friend Ally was waiting outside for her.

“Oh my god! What happened to you?” whispered Ally as she looked at Catherines bloody clothes and hands.

“I followed him like you told me, but things got out of hand,” Catherine said hysterically. “It’s not my fault.”

“Just get in the car so we can clean you up. Tell me everything that happened later,” Ally said as she grabbed Catherine by the shoulders, trying to COMFORT her.

Ally and Catherine just became friends three months ago when Catherine’s mom died of Breast Cancer. Ally found out she was BIPOLAR around the same time so they both had something to be upset about. They felt SYMPATHY for each other and were inseparable ever since.

“Ally, why did I have to follow him?” Catherine asked quietly.

“I already told you. He’s the only one that knows the truth. You want to know right?” Ally responded sharply.

“Of course I do, but I don’t think he’ll tell us anything after tonight.”

Ally ignored what she said and pulled into a gas station. She covered Catherine’s bloody clothes with her jacket and took her into the bathroom. Catherine washed off the blood while Ally bought some new, COMMON clothes.

“Now tell me what happened,” Ally demanded, “every little detail.”

“After I left your house, I saw his car downtown. I followed him for an hour until he stopped at an abandoned building. Once he was inside I decided to go in too.” Catherine started. “ NONE of this was supposed to happen Ally! All of this was a MISTAKE,” she said as she started to cry.

“Catherine, what happened? Did you see anything or hear anything? Catherine, I need to know everything, ” Ally pushed.

“Ally listen to me!” Catherine screamed. “He’s dead.”

Part 2

Ally stared at Catherine. “No way. He can’t be dead,” she stuttered. “DESCRIBE what happened,” she demanded.

“I pulled into the parking lot of an abandoned warehouse. His car was still running with the door open so I parked my car and snuck inside. There was an AQUARIUM shattered all over the floor in ADDITION to a lot of other garbage. I looked down a long hallway to my left were there was a door that was slightly open with light pouring out. I started walking towards it. When I was close enough, I heard his voice arguing with someone else. I was so mad I burst through the door. Before I could do anything, a gun was put to his head and fired. I ran to the body to try to save him. Ally, he was the only one that could give me answers. When I looked for the man who shot him, he was gone. The only thing I could do to protect myself was to make the crime scene look like a SUICIDE.”

“Oh my god,” Ally whispered.

“I’m such a COWARD,” Catherine cried. “He would still be alive if I hadn’t rushed in.”

“Don’t say that. It’s IMPORTANT to stay focused and try to find your sister,” Ally said as they went back to the car.

But he’s the only one that could tell us who CAPTURED my sister!” Catherine shouted.

“Maybe not. The man who shot him could know where she is,” Ally said, trying to comfort Catherine. “We just have to find him. Did you see his face?”

“No, but we have to make a DECISION about where to go right now.”

“Let’s find a motel to stay at for tonight. Then we can PROCEED with questions and maybe figure out who killed him,” Ally stated.

Catherine was INCREDULOUS, but she didn’t say anything else. Ally was focused on finding a motel to stay at.

Part 3

Three months earlier…

“Charlie, stop!” Catherine shouted as her boyfriend tossed her over his shoulder.

Charlie and Catherine started dating seven months ago. They met in their chemistry class during junior year. He seemed to get along really well with her friends and family.

“Dinner’s ready,” Catherine’s dad called.

This was the first time Charlie would have dinner with her dad and sister, Rachel. They walked into the house and sat down at the table.

Before they could eat anything, Catherine’s dad screamed from upstairs, “Rachel is gone!”

Catherine grabbed the TELEPHONE and dialed 911.

Present time…

“I can’t believe Charlie is dead,” Catherine whispered.

“How can you say that? He helped kidnap you sister!” Ally demanded.

“You don’t know that. We have no proof.”

“They found EVIDENCE on his phone with multiple calls to her the day she went missing. Tell me that doesn’t mean anything,” Ally said sharply.

Catherine remained quiet. She EXITED the motel room to go on a walk. She needed to clear her head. Her ex-boyfriend was just murdered in front of her and her sister has been missing for three months now. The only person she had left was her dad, who became a drunk since he lost one of his daughters and his wife. She had no more RESPECT for him. Catherine found herself at a gas station buying DEHYDRATED instant breakfast for Ally and herself. When she got back to the motel, she put the two bowls in the MICROWAVE while Ally was in the shower. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a PHOTOGRAPH hanging out of Ally’s purse. When Catherine INSPECTED the photo, she saw a stack of more photographs underneath it. They were all pictures of Catherine, Rachel, and Charlie.

“Oh my god,” Catherine whispered to herself. “Ally is behind all of this.”

Part 4

“How could she do this?” Catherine said quietly.

Ally wouldn’t BENEFIT from kidnapping Rachel. Ally was never very POPULAR with Catherine’s family and she did have a bad REPUTATION, but Catherine would never expect Ally to do something like this. She was behind the CREATION of the plan to kidnap Rachel. Catherine had no way of VERIFYING her theory, but she had to get away from Ally. Catherine put a VEST on, grabbed the picture, and wrote Ally a note saying “I know what you did. I will find her.” Then, Catherine left the motel, wishing she could watch Ally’s REACTION. She got into the car and started driving back to the abandoned warehouse where Charlie was murdered. She pulled into the parking lot and made her way back to the room with the CORPSE in it. She opened the door but nothing was inside. Someone had RELOCATED the body. She fell to the floor and POUNDED the ground.

“Catherine?” called a voice behind her.

She turned around quickly and came face to face with Charlie.

Part 5

“Charlie? Is that you? Catherine whispered.

“Yeah it’s me,” he responded.

“I thought you were dead. I saw you get shot!”

“Catherine, it was staged. The man pretended to shoot me because the others were watching on cameras,” he explained.

“Why would you do something like that? And who are the others?” Catherine demanded.

“They’re the ones who kidnapped your sister. Rachel started hanging out with the wrong people before she was captured. The night she went missing I started looking for her. I eventually found her friends and followed them here. Before I could find Rachel they found me and held me captive.”

“Why did her friends kidnap her?” Catherine asked with tears streaming down her face.

“I don’t know. Nobody ever told me. I just know they’re gone now and I have no idea where they went.”

“This is all a DISASTER. First, I think my boyfriend kidnapped my sister and then I find out my best friend is behind it all,” Catherine cried.

“Wait, Ally is the person that captured your sister?” Charlie exclaimed.

“I found these pictures and files in her purse,” she said as she handed them to him. “I don’t know why she would do something like this.”

Charlie looked at the pictures and file and handed them back to Catherine.

“Let’s get out of this old building and talk about this somewhere else.” Charlie said as he led Catherine out the door.

They drove to a little restaurant down the road and took a seat in the corner booth. They ordered fried OCTOPUS and a big THERMOS of coffee. Catherine placed all of the evidence she had on the SURFACE of the table.

Charlie took a second look at the picture of Rachel. “I think I RECOGNIZE this man in the background. “Yeah, he’s one of the men that watched me at the warehouse.”

“That picture was taken a couple weeks before she disappeared. It feels like that was a DECADE ago.”

“Catherine, that same man just walked through the door.”

Catherine spun her head around and saw the man that kidnapped her sister.

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