Facebook Goes Full “Black Mirror”: How Facebook Is Making Membership a Prerequisite to Everyday…
Jason Ditzian

The problem is not facebook per se, the problem is the culture it sits in. Our culture. The one we embrace and believe in. That might is right, that the only value anything has is how much profit it makes, and that unfettered capitalism is the only way a society can be.

How would you stop something like FB getting closed access yo all that data? You could legislate against it, say it’s not allowed. The government, as representatives of the people could say that no commercial organisation should be able to hold that much information on people or use it in a way that limits their personal freedoms.

Limit the ways a company can make money?? Unthinkable! Left- wing! Socialists! End of civilisation as we know it!!

Are you actually willing to take the steps necessary to stop big business owning us all? Companies rarely choose ethical behaviour over profits, they have to be stopped.

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