OSCA FEST is the abbreviation for Open Source Community Festival.

As a “beginner beginner” attending OSCAFEST for the first time, I literally had no idea what I was going for. I wanted to be in a tech space, learn, connect and grow. The event held from 24th of March 2022 to 26th of March 2022. It held at Zone Tech Park, Lagos.

Three days of solid eye opening experiences.

Open source simply means denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.

The Open Source Community Africa is a community created for creative minds driving the Open Source movement in Africa. It was founded in 2019 by Ada Nduka Oyom and Samson Goddy.

I am going to be highlighting my favourite talks and sessions. We had breakout sessions where different talks were given. You can get a full list of speakers and their topics here.

Started off with an opening session on Blockchain and RSK.

Personally, I have heard of Block chain and the rest, but believe me when I say, I knew little to nothing. After this workshop session, I can proudly say I know what block chain is, and how I can navigate my way through it, if I am interested. I enjoyed this.

It was taken by Gino Osahon, with the topic: “A primer on Blockchain and RSK”

As a writer, I was keenly interested in technical writing sessions.

Day 1 brought the amazing Solomon Esenyi, who gave a talk on Let’s Talk About Technical Writing”. This topic highlights the importance of making your blogging journey visible and fruitful.

Your blog exists because readers exist”- Tapas Adhikary

Tapas Adhikary, who is the Senior Manager UX and UI Architect at Microfocus, gave a well detailed analysis on how to be an awesome writer, with the topic, “Technical Writing Made Easy”.

As a beginner, an insight on what Open Source project is all about, was a top most priority on my list.

Ruth Ikegah, the first African female Github star, gave a talk on Creating your Open Source Project”, which was insightful and gave the in-depth knowledge I need to proceed in the Open Source Community.

Day 2 came with so much information that I would not be able to summarise in this post. Exciting talks! Amazing Sessions!

We had Odun Eweniyi of PiggyVest talk on “Non-Technical in Tech”. Abati Adewale on “Super Charge your Career with Social Currency”. Stefan Thomas on “Building Open-Source Systems for Global Payments”.

Full schedule of speakers and topics here.

Day 3! You know what they say about the last, the best? that summarises my experience at #OSCAFEST22 Day 3.

Super Inspiring speakers. They devoured Open Source and brought it down to our level, explaining every detail like we were five year old.

The keynote from the founders of Open Source Community Africa, showed the progress made in two years. Two years of consistent crusades, preaching about the gospel of Open Source.

Welcome to another good part! Networking. Asides getting to discuss about Open Source with new people, Networking helps with opening new doors, building self-confidence, it provides a channel where you can learn about new things, instant career advice and support and most importantly, YOU getting to help others.

Do you know the beauty of Nigerian party Jollof rice, with big chicken and fried plantain? I experienced that beauty for two consecutive days at OSCA FEST, accompanied with sandwich.

Artistic and beautiful swags distributed generously by sponsors of OSCAFEST. Google, Meta, Coli, Sourcegraph, Polygon are the Headline sponsors of OSCAFEST 2022.

Fun games, which led to OSCAFEST22 trending on twitter for three days in a row. Who does it better?

Open Source Community is a family for open source contributors and beginners. This event portrayed that possibilities are endless.

On behalf of the family of “beginner beginner” that had the opportunity to attend OSCAFEST 2022, I would like to say Thank you! to the Founders, Organisers , Volunteers, Sponsors, Speakers, Media Team, Members and of course, the Caterers of OSCAFEST 2022.

Get to watch every session and talk on YouTube.

Join the Community.

The door is OPEN and the FUTURE IS GLORIOUS.

With Love,




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