• My first legitimate blog post…

Hi my name is Sejal sometimes I go by “Sej” but either one works. I’m just now realizing that you may not know exactly how to pronounce my name which is fine because most people don’t get it on the first go, and some on the second or third. My name is pronounced like “Sage” but you add an “L” sound at the end. But some call me “Sej” because it sounds exactly like “sage” and nick names seem to be some peoples cup of tea. Many people ask me about my name and it’s an Indian (east asian) name. The meaning of it is “depth of character”.I really like the meaning and enjoy having a rather unique name compared to most people I come across. Initially, I planned to start this post off talking about why I’m here, and what is my blog suppose to be about, but I sort of digressed? Anyways, Welcome! I’m glad you came across my post. I’m really excited to start this blog because I have been thinking about doing this for awhile and today I realized it was just the day. So why exactly am starting this blog? Well because I think it would be interesting to share my thoughts and communicate with new people in a way I have never done before. I want to inspire others and further inspire myself. This blog will be something very open and honest, something without a specific focus. Although there is no central focus I will have some main themes like optimism, tenacity and self love because these actions help us become the best we can be . Thank you for reading this post. I want to leave you with a quote said by a very inspirational women which I hope will inspire you. “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts” -Eleanor Roosevelt

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