SNP Headquarter, Bangkok: Cupcakes are muffins who believed in miracles.

my valentine’s cupcake from SNP Headquarter
#sugarcoated ✨

My belated Valentine blog post would have to give it to this delicately cupcake that is beautiful from the inside out. hahaha By inside out, I meant the taste is super creamy and yummy. And you can’t really take the eyes off the beautiful buttercream flowers on the top. It’s so gorgeous that I would like to keep it forever. (but as a sucker for cupcakes, I can’t help to taste it after a few minutes. LOL)

The SNP Headquarter shop itself is very unique from other S&P shop. I felt like I was in an experimental room. The staffs were very sweet. I will have to come back here again for breakfast and some Thai desserts.

If anyone is interested to make your own cupcakes, they also have a workshop every month.

You can check their schedule out on their Facebook Page: SNP Headquarter

Make sure you plan your visit here if you are around Bangkok 😋

thank you for this lovely cupcake & snp headquarter 💘

the sun, the sky and a little bit of smile :)

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Hey there, I’m Gloy from Thailand. I like simple things, plants (mostly cacti and succulents), eggs with toast, green tea, folk songs and flea markets. ♥

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