4 Hottest Trends Which Are Taking The Wedding And Event Videography By Storm This Year

Gone are the days when the wedding and event videography was all about taking the predictable poses that appeared non-candid and then stretch those poses in order to create a 3-hour long video. Today, the people are spending a substantial amount on the wedding video and this is the reason they look for something new and creative instead of all those boring and regular stuff. Thus, the wedding videographer Berkshire needs to search for things and visualise their attention in order to create a surprisingly beautiful video for their clients. We tell you some of the hottest trends which are adding on to the videography revolution. Read through:

Wedding Highlight

The wedding highlight trend is excelling these days with all the couples nodding to get a highlight of the wedding reel. The wedding highlight is the best option for those who face time constraints when it comes to watching the entire wedding video. The highlight covers all the vital aspects of the wedding event in a nutshell in 10–20 minutes.

Unconventional set up

Gone is the time when the wedding videography was just about capturing the wedding events with the wedding venue as the backdrop. The wedding videography now captures the wedding visuals which contains shots taken in different setups with a prime focus of the pre-wedding story of the couple. The videographer chooses surreal locations for the wedding shots and the couples are required to follow a script and get in their best dresses. The videographers thus allow the couple to live a memorable moment through their shoots.

Cinematic shots

How about watching your wedding movie in a cinema hall? Is the thought giving you goosebumps? Yes, we are not joking. This is the newest trend in the videography industry. Here, the cinematic experience is provided to the couple by showing the wedding video in a cinema hall of the couple’s choice and the cinema hall is booked only for the couple’s friends and families. This cinematic experience of watching your own self on the silver screen gives you a larger than life experience.

HD World

Yes, the High Definition world is what this year is all about? With TV channels, movies and everything turning to High Definition; how can you not get your wedding video done in High Definition. The HD video provides a crystal clear experience of the entire wedding video. The High Definition videography for the wedding may cost you a little more than the regular videos, but the end result is something that you will mesmerise till your last. The cost is totally worth the output which the HD Videos gives.