“Say ‘reverse racism’ one more motherfucking time. I dare you…”
Thaddeus Howze

Hopefully some day you will realize that in this article the stances that you’ve taken, the incrimination of anyone that is Caucasian as “white people” who are all thrown into one category of ignorance, and the statements you’ve made to support your claims are racist — no not reverse racist, racist. You sir, have invalidated your entire argument by using the very approach that you are condoning and it puts you on the same level as the redneck hicks that ARE racist and that ARE saying the things you say above and DO believe the things you are saying EVERY “white person” believes. Have fun with your debates in the mud along WITH them. By the way, your subtitle “Black History Month: If only there were as many people invested in the healing of the ‘racial divide’ as there were promoting it…” alludes to the fact that you wish there were more articles talking about closing the divide and positivity and your entire article is confrontational and embraces a separation in pointing out only differences in a negative light…… think about that WITHOUT emotion. if you did not include that subtitle and it was just a tag then maybe you should consider taking that suggestion to heart; you are full of poison. Also, work on your grammar if you are going to tout yourself as an essayist. I am not claiming to be one.

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