Get more bang for your buck with your unused data or swap it to get data when you need it

· Do you forgo precious mobile data you do not use every month with your data plan as it doesn’t get rolled over?

· Do you find yourself exceeding your mobile data usage every month because you’re signed up on the lowest cost plan to save cost yet find yourself charged a much higher rate for the excess data?

· Do you have multiple mobile devices but only have a data plan for your phone, which means you either have to tap on the Wi-Fi from your phone or hunt for Wi-Fi spots for connectivity for your tablet or laptop? …

With the internet of things and digitisation of lifestyle, the demand for connectivity, and thus mobile data is set to soar. We believe connectivity empowers and alleviates economically and socio-demographically. It moves, activates and connects people to communities and networks beyond reach.

We also believe it is better when the community is empowered and plays a pivotal rule in driving the rules to ensure the system is always meeting the needs of the people. Because shared economy systems are great ways to unleash the maximum value that connectivity brings.

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Gluu is a peer-to-peer marketplace that taps the forces of decentralisation to increase the supply of mobile data, therefore improving the experience and ease in ability of users to acquire connectivity, anywhere. …



A peer 2 peer connectivity cloud (powered by mobile and fixed WiFi) shared by individuals and retail establishments, that anyone can tap into anywhere.

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