My life is a story to learn from

People think I lie about my life.

They think I lie about the troubles I’ve been through but honestly there’s no way to make this shit up.

I grew up poor as fuck.

I picked through the trash of America to survive.

My mother worked three jobs

One for each of her children.

I was ridiculed and told that I was ugly, stupid, and uncultured because of my family and upbringing.

I was treated as a minority. Maybe that’s why I have such an open heart for minorities now.

I was diagnosed with scoliosis and put in a plastic brace for two years before metal rods were screwed into my spine at the age of 15.

It’s no joke.

No one told me I was pretty except my mother.

I envied everyone with a “normal” life.

I was evicted and homeless for two years.

It’s true.

I’ve learned a million lessons

You’ve yet to.

I grew cysts in my ovaries despite my good intentions.

I’m just another poet, aforementioned.

I learned by myself because my family wasn’t there.

I hid behind my anger

My sarcasm

Even my long hair.

I know so much because of my troubles.

I try to help others while I’m here.

I might have anxiety and fear because of my past

But I try my best to make the future clear.

I’ve been abused and neglected

I’ve run the gamut of life.

I’ve suffered and learned

From all of my strife.

I’ve had friends that have left me

Diseases that stay

I’ve learned to meditate the hurt

All away.

There’s nothing I can do to change my life.

I’m obviously here for a lesson

A knife

In someone else’s back

A lesson

That’s true.

I’m here to succeed

Despite everyone’s view.

My life isn’t a lie.

It’s a story to learn from.

It’s an old tale that’s told a thousand times

And changed a thousand times to fit the generation.

My life isn’t a lie.

It’s unbelievable but it isn’t

A lie.