Ramen — “to die for”

There’s no better way to end a weekend than eating a good bowl of ramen. With my ramen attempt failing on Saturday because of the rain, I was determined to accomplish my mission. I set my eyes on Mensho Ramen.

Nothing will get into my way. NOTHING!

Except for a huge ass line.

Here I am, standing alone in my t-shirt and shorts in 47 degree San Francisco weather, waiting in line while my “friends” are in the warm and welcoming car.

So what do I do?

I do what any young, lonely techie does. I whip out my phone.

To my “plethora” of apps….

So let’s analyze the situation again. Let’s do a pros and cons chart.


47 degrees.

T shirt and shorts

Long ass line

No real entertainment

Lame ass friends


The promise of a bowl of flavorful and steaming hot ramen with two pieces of perfectly braised pork belly

A preschooler could do the math that the cons outweigh the pros.

However, I’m stubborn and stupid. So I stayed. With my friends basically begging me to leave, I WANTED THAT FUCKING BOWL OF RAMEN.

To pass the time I wrote this Medium article, because I had nothing else better to do. Here I am, 30 min later.

Another State of the Ramen pic.

So close!!!!

I can do it!

It’s all worth it!!!

10 more min! 10 MORE!!!

I’m not sure if I can make it. I’m starting to feel weak. Starting to be a drama queen.

I’m here. The front of the line.

My friends still in the car.

Should I tell them I’m at the front of the line? Or should I just go in myself and eat and just screw them…..

As I’m thinking that, one friend calls me.

The conversation goes like this.

Me: I’m at the front of the line.

Friend: Order for us

Me: Nope you guys did nothing to deserve that.

Friend: Ok, we coming.

Another State of the Ramen picture

Line behind me. I’d like the think it’s longer than before.

47 min waiting in the cold by myself and here we are. In the front of the line. Ready to get my bowl of noodles, when the waitress comes out and announces they ran out of broth….


We got in fine. And soon we will be enjoying our noodles

Anticlimactic, I know…. But again. This is just a distraction from the cold.

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