Le 04 février 2017

Lord, I’m amazed by You. How You love me.

Even though sometimes I may have questions mostly on the whys. Like why some people the way they are or how they became to be like so..

Today, You answered. Simply because You decided to give us a chance by giving us freedom that we so seldom abuse. While not realizing on ourselves that we have, indeed, a choice. You gave us the capacity to decide on our own that all we need is Your guidance.

Life is simple and its wonderful that way.

I even had have questioned before «God, why me? I’m nothing….I’m so weak to face this cruel world» but then I remembered a quote I came across not too long ago that says «I am weak but my God is strong. I lack many things but I have Him…» I may be weak but still He gave life to me and let me experience a life I need not to ask for too much already. Constantly reminding me «because anak, you’re worth it.»

Like simply how awesome it is that our family bonding is FOOD. May it be cooking together to trying out different food parks. Always trying out something new or re-visiting those that are dear to our hearts and tyan. This Saturday in particular though ended up being one of those nights that I would treasure the most. After attending the service, we end up eating at THE FOOD HAVEN 77. Food was amazing and the place too! (They have a giant Jenga and a Ball Drop that was set up outside) However, I didn’t used the word «amazing» to the food and the place alone. Those became amazing because of the company we had tonight. My family and a new friend. I might say. Ate Ynna my sister, my dad, and Kuya Jeffrey met a very amicable person, funny too! At first, I was just minding my own business but then from time to time I find myself listening to their conversations…. from time to time I find myself agreeing to either one of them…. from time to time, or most actually I find myself laughing…. then I couldn’t stop listening because honestly I didn’t want to. He’s a genuine type of person.

and it is very seldom we do meet one.

these moments counts the most.


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