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About Bionic

Bionic is a PE-backed growth company that I joined as Chief Customer Officer, after 20 years in brand, creative and innovation agencies. We’re transforming the business from a white-label call centre for energy switching, to a tech-enabled service that makes it radically easier to run an SME.

At the end of 2019 we rebranded the business (which was previously known as Make It Cheaper) to Bionic to reflect our ‘hybrid’ customer experience that combines digital with world class human service.

Our business is built on amazingly strong relationships with the suppliers that we distribute, and with the partners (like Compare the Market, Just Eat and Starling Bank) for whose customers we provide a switching service. …

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The Arrival ‘green white van’

For the last couple of Decembers I’ve published a list of the most interesting business ideas I discovered that year, so it’s nearly a tradition. Here then is my list for 2019.

As always it’s in no way exhaustive or complete (or in any kind of sensible order), it’s just some ideas that I’ve subjectively found interesting or inspiring. Last year Tom pointed out that it’s very UK/US focussed, and it still is, sorry. It’s also possibly even less complete this year as I left the agency world, so I’ve had less time to spend on social media(!)

This year again the focus is companies who are re-engineering categories around customers and disappearing products inside services. But this year there’s a real focus on ethics — I don’t know if that reflects what’s being created or what I’m noticing? …

Long story short, we shut Albion in April 2019 and I immediately went to work at our last new client, Make It Cheaper.

You’ve never heard of Make It Cheaper, because we had an awful, forgettable name and got the vast majority of our customers from white label partnerships. But MIC is a great fast-growth company with a genuinely amazing culture. In a decade it grew to become the largest energy broker for SMEs.

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The old Make It Cheaper website


People are surprised when I tell them where I am. I think they expected me to turn up at a hot new VC-backed startup, take a trendy role at a tech giant, or to start another agency. …


Glyn Britton

Leading a customer-led transformation at a PE-backed #SMEtech. Previously CSO at Albion, a business innovation consultancy.

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