Part 4

“Isn’t it weird? How they both spoke at the same time? Without even looking at each other. You know, like they were psychic or something”

The receptionist, her name was Kat, was looking at me with one eyebrow raised. After saying her piece she’d gotten a lot more relaxed. A lot more chatty.

“Kat, why are you telling me all this? Why aren’t you calling this number, making sure these guys don’t have any reason to threaten you again?”

She looks at me, then at her hands as she fiddled with her fingers, twisting a ring on her right hand. Her hair falls forward, hiding her face.

“I dunno. I’d rather talk to you than them. They were horrible. Really horrible. When I saw you, I decided, you’re the good guy in this, they were definitely the bad guys!”


She glares at me, her eyes narrowed. Then she smiles.

“Yeah, I’m pretty good at judging if people are assholes or not!”

“So the guy with the keys, what did he do? Did he search the rooms?”

“Yep, Once they left I took a look round. Nothing taken, nothing messed up. If anything, the rooms were neater! And before they set off he came and put all the keys back in the exact same places they’d been”

“Huh. So that’s when they’d threatened you?”

“Can you not remind me about the threatening, please?!”


“Anyway, yeah, they just left. I didn’t notice a car or anything. Though I didn’t really notice much for like, half an hour, or something after that. I was pretty shaken up”

We talked some more. Seeming happier having someone staying, even with my obvious involvement in the whole thing. I didn’t think to ask why she hadn’t asked what they wanted me for, or why she hadn’t asked me.

That night, It turned out I was the only guest. We turned some of the lights on in a few of the rooms, on the second and third floors. I was to stay in the end room on the ground floor. I could see the stairwell closest to the entrance and all the way up the parking lot. If I left my lights off, hopefully they’d be drawn to the rooms above first, buying me time to escape, should they turn up.

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