Adding reverb to audio files on the command line.

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Raw recording — “Testing 1, 2, 3 <handclap>”

IBM Cloud functions comes with a default set of npm modules — if you need to add additional packages, especially those with compiled components, you’re going to need to master Docker-based deployment. This article tells you how.

# create an action called "myaction" using by Node.js code
# from mysourcecode.js
ibmcloud fn action create myaction mysourcecode.js

How having a second monitor may be degrading your wireless network.

Can having a second monitor degrade your Wifi connection?


What is the Adirondacks?

Keene, NY

How to replicate a subset of a database to a mobile client to help build an offline-enabled mobile application.

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Creating a partitioned database

$ curl -X PUT "$URL/mydb" {"ok": true}
$ curl -X PUT "$URL/mypartitioneddb?partitioned=true" {"ok": true}

In this post we’ll combine the Apache CouchDB database with IBM’s Watson Natural Language Classifier (NLC) service to automatically determine whether reviews left on a website are positive or negative.

"_id": "product885252:review1005252",
"date": "2019-01-26T15:22:41.000Z",
"product_id": "885252",
"product_name": "Gourmexia Smoothie Blender B662X",
"reviewer": "susan1982",
"review": "Very well made device. Works straight out of the box - really happy!"

Counting the distinct numbers of things in a collection is a memory intensive operation, but if you can accept an approximate answer there is a solution.

"_id": "96f898f0f6ff4a9baac4503992f31b01",
"_rev": "1-ff7b85665c4c297838963c80ecf481a3",
"path": "/blog/post-1.html",
"date": "2018-12-04",
"time": "17:15:59",
"mobile": true,
"browser": "Chrome",
"ip": ""

Caching frequently-performed searches can make your app run much faster with very little change in your code

Web-app architecture schematic

Pairing CouchDB, as a primary data store, and a data warehouse for ad-hoc queries gives you the best of both worlds.

Glynn Bird

Developer @ IBM.

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