An open letter to Owen Jones
Darrell Kavanagh

I have listened to Owen Jones over the last two years and have been impressed by his drive and his politics,but i am now questioning just where he wants to take the Labour party.I thought that he was a stout and loyal Corbyn supporter and i was happy to have him on board,but i am now finding it difficult to hear him questioning the future of the Labour party with Jeremy Corbyn at the helm,as this man ,and this man and his beliefs and principles alone have brought me back into the fold along with many other thousands of people who also seek the sort of country we could build based on this mans honesty and principle led politics.I want Owen Jones to stand with Jeremy Corbyn and back him 100% as i think he would have a big role to play in Labours future if it is to have one and now is the time to stand together and fight the good fight.

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