A Reply To Yang’s Open Letter
Mathios Meridius

Please do not speak as if you speak for all “real” Pokémon fans, your opinion is obviously not shared by almost half of the people playing Pokémon Go. I do not agree that Pokévision is cheating. This game already takes, realistically, years or decades to actually reach max level (currently, 40) & complete the generation 1 Pokédex. That’s just not realistically worth it. I’m not saying you have to use a Pokémon locator (like Pokévision), but seriously, don’t act like everyone else has the time or patience to walk around aimlessly until they catch everything.

I don’t know what Niantic is doing, at this point. The past few updates, including the one blocking Pokévision, have made the game less playable. Pokémon are harder to catch. They don’t appear while moving faster than a walking speed (so, you can’t bike and play). They removed experience bonuses for nice, great and excellent throws. And not to mention, they completely obliterated every method of tracking Pokémon you have available to you. I certainly hope Niantic listens to the community and fixes all of these mistakes.

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