Amazon Fake reviews

I love buying items from Amazon, it is very convinient and makes things easy and saves a lot of time. In the good old days I used to go to a brick and motor store and find some knowledgable sales men to help me, to figure out which one is best out of two or three gadgets I want to buy. In some cases I used to ask my friends / reviewers to help me in decision making.

Now a days, it is mostly based on Amazon trusted reviews, I will read most of the user experiences in using this product and decide to buy or not, the logic behind is if X people are happy with this product then it should be great. This belief made me buy some products most of them are very good.

Recently I want to buy a Bluetooth headphones and was not able to get good ones in the budget range, I started exploring the options based on the user reviews. Some products got too good reviews which made me thinking to explore further into this. NOTE: All of these reviews are marked as verified purchases.

I started looking into what the user who reviewed this have reviewed earlier, he reviews almost many products each and every day on one or two items. I did also see that the same user has reviewed a different headphone from the same company with the exact same review (no change in words) reference : Review 1, Review 2.

Seeing that I started thinking the review could be a fake review (or may be not). I wanted to know how to find out fake from geniune reviews and there is no sure way to find it out. In this time I came across a youtube video which detailed on how the fake reviews will be made on Amazon and directed to the website to find if the product has a fake review or not. is an amazing website, I am not its owner or anyway linked to this website, but it is helping me to decide if I can trust the reviews of this product on Amazon or not. I hope they include google reviews as well soon.

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