Jackbit is a new gaming platform using blockchain!

Nov 9, 2019 · 2 min read

Hello friends, today I would like to tell you about a rather promising Playground for fans of excitement!

The platform we will talk about today is called Jackbit.io!I liked this platform user-friendly interface, but the platform also has a number of advantages among competitors!The first and in my opinion one of the most important advantages is the constant support of users 24/7!When I had a small problem with authorization on the platform-the administrator solved it in a matter of minutes!I also want to say that on the platform Jackbit.io there is a cool program features for the user: Users are offered to receive every 10 minutes bonus coins, which later he will be able to exchange for gaming and play a variety of games on Jackbit.io do not Deposit funds!There is also a referral program-inviting 10 users to Jackbit.io you will get as much as 10,000 bonus coins!Now proceed directly to the analysis of the proposed platform Jackbit games, there is nothing special you will not see — it is popular and favorite many gamblers games:

1) Crash- you make a bet, the coefficient begins to grow and your task is to take your money until the chart does not collapse(in case of collapse you lose).I tried to play this game and I managed to get to x5 and win well-I advise you to try!

2)Jackpot-there is nothing special here you buy tickets and your chances of winning depend on the number of tickets!A good variant is to win a big jackpot soon!

3) 1vs1 lucky-here you play with other igrom with Jackbit. io-here perishing whom lucky all decides magya))

4)Team Jackpot-very interstnaya game :you choose 1 from 2 — ‘ s teams and join in it, buy tickets on Jackpot-again same from whom more tickets-have moreover and bolshe chances on Jackpot!After the end of the draw, when your team wins, everyone will receive coins depending on their contribution to the team Jackpot!

5) Dice-everything is simple here you choose a chance to win, choose a number and play!Perfect for fans of playing on different themes!

Finally I want to say that the platform Jackbit.io has its stable performance, which is traded in pairs with Bitcoin and Etherium, so you will never have problems with withdrawals!Conclusion: Platform Jackbit.io it has a number of advantages for gamblers-such as a stable coin, a high level of winnings, fast payouts and excellent player support!I think if you want to try your luck, it is better to Jackbit.io!more about the platform Jacbit.io:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jackbitio

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/6sNcQjF

All luck and big wins!

My BTT username: gODZILA72


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