How to forward AOl email to Gmail?

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AOL mail is provided by AOL-a free web-based email service. AOL facilitates forwarding of emails from one address to other and you can reply also from that account but it will seem like it has been sent from the original account. It is a fast, cheap and easy method to transfer email accounts or check multiple accounts from one place. Here we will see how to forward AOL email to Gmail and AOL contacts to Gmail.

In email forwarding, you need to configure one Gmail account and it makes a digital copy of an email and that copy is forwarded automatically to another email account. The original email will remain there in your inbox and you can send the copy wherever you want to.

Forward AOL mail to Gmail

You can forward AOL mail to Gmail using these steps.

1. Log in to your Gmail account using your Gmail address and password.

2. Look for the cog icon to the right. Go to accounts and Import.

3. From other accounts, select “Check email”. Now add an email account.

4. A pop-up will appear. Enter your AOL email address there and click Next.

5. Check the email server details. Enter your AOL password when asked.

6. Select “leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server”. Through it you can keep copies with AOL. You can use “Label Incoming messages” option also here. By adding label you are able to forward emails very easily even if you have a busy inbox.

7. Select Add account.

You can forward all emails from AOL to Gmail by this process. As soon as the process is completed you will begin to see emails coming immediately.

Importing Contacts and messages from AOL to Gmail

AOL also offers importing of contacts and inbox messages. See the steps below:

1. Log in to your Gmail account. Using Gmail address and password.

2. There is a cog icon on the right, select it and go top Accounts and Import.

3. Choose “Import mail and contacts”.

4. Enter your AOL email address into the pop-up box and click Next.

5. Now enter AOL password into the box. Now you will be able to access your contacts.

6. Click Continue.

7. Now select from Import Contacts and Import Email or both of them.

8. Click on “Start Import”.

9. Click OK.

Sending Emails from Gmail using your AOL address.

Using AOL you can send emails from multiple accounts and you will have to log into a single email account. Proceed as follows:

1. Log in to your Gmail account using your username and password.

2. Click the cog icon from the right and then accounts and import.

3. From “Send mail as row”, select add another email address.

4. Type your AOL email address from the popup box.

5. Select Next step. Send Verification.

6. Now log into your AOL address and verify the email from Gmail.

7. Go to Gmail, open a new mail and choose your AOL address in the form section.

Now while sending an email, you can select for either your Gmail or AOL address to appear in the From section.

Gmail Information

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