UFO: The People’s Disclosure Movement

Gus Makreas
Mar 17, 2017 · 3 min read

For many years the members of the growing global UFO Community have desired “Disclosure” from governments and other authoritative institutions. For too long the evidence has been clear that authorities have covered up the UFO Truth, and so an increasingly-educated public has naturally demanded a world-changing Disclosure from them.

Disclosure activists have done hard and necessary work to harness the media, inform politicians, create petitions, educate each other and the public and more in order to create the right climate for Disclosure and hopefully achieve a breakthrough Disclosure announcement from a government. These activities are good and ongoing and should they produce this type of announcement it would be very welcome.

Yet many people would be surprised to learn that the ultimate power to create such a Disclosure lies not in some far-off corridors of power but in their backyard and firmly under their control!

“The People’s Disclosure Movement” founded by me in 2010 places the power right back into the hearts and minds of everyday people — regardless of their culture, nationality, income, gender, occupation, social standing, etc.

What is our movement’s secret to Disclosure?

At the core is this revolutionary principle: everyone can make proactive, direct, interactive contact with the ET Intelligence that is piloting the Star Craft which have been seen in thousands of sightings for decades. When a critical mass of people in many, many countries satisfactorily make their own exciting ET Contact and then spread the news to those in their circles, Disclosure happens. People no longer need to “believe” in UFOs and Galactic Life. Instead they *know*.

The ETLetsTalk Community and ETLetsTalk.com, which are part of The People’s Disclosure Movement teach people how to make this ET Contact.

In this movement we, the people, are the authorities. We are finally active by making ET Contact, not passive and not reactive. We don’t wait for the news. We make the news. We Disclose.

At ETletsTalk.com people learn the simple, free and safe formula for ET Contact.

Then they apply this process:

1. Make the ET Contact

2. Tell a likeminded and ET-friendly person about it

3. Teach that person how to make their own successful ET Contact

4. Ask that person to repeat Steps 1 to 4.

ETLetsTalk.com is a community of 11,000 people in 100+ countries who are making ET Contact daily, weekly, and monthly. The People’s Disclosure Movement grows daily through their efforts.

No one knows what a “critical mass” number is necessary to prove Disclosure through our effort. We can debate that number if we wish. One thing is certain though: if we don’t take this matter into our hands and build our network of those who know — because they have communicated with ET — then we might remain in an ongoing state of frustration waiting on someone else somewhere to tell us. The best way to predict our future of Disclosure is to create it.

We will know when we have succeeded due to an overwhelming public opinion which will outpace via many measures the officiaL cover-ups that continue to be applied.

You are invited to join for free at etletstalk.com where we will teach you how to make ET Contact. You will also be notified about our global monthly ET Contact events, free webinars, ET Contact retreats and more.

In 2017 ETLetsTalk is sponsoring 3 ET Contact retreats full of lectures, nightly skywatches, and lots of group camaraderie and serious fun:

Mt. Shasta, CA: June 18 to 23

Bloomington, IN: September 17 to 21

Joshua Tree, CA: October 15 to 20

Register at: http://etletstalk.com/members/events/etletstalk-et-contact-retreats-2017/

Gus Makreas

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Kosta (Gus) Makreas is the founder of ETLetsTalk.com, the ETLetsTalk Community, “The People’s Disclosure Movement” and “The Global CE-5 Initiative”.