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Hi! and welcome to this read. Now that you’re here, I hope you find it worth the time.

Having been in the Fin-tech sector for quite some time now, there is a lot that I have to learn. In most cases, it has been quite overwhelming but with support from my seniors, I always made sure I learnt something new. “So I thought it’s a good idea to share some things that I have learned during this time — because if I don’t I’ll surely forget it all myself” (This is How Globus Works — V. Kazimirchik).

One may be…

How to handle HTML FORM data from static/dynamic website hosted on GitHub pages: No APIs, No Databases — easy & free

I feel like this is possibly a repetition, but it’s worth it.

Unfortunately, if you have hosted your site with GitHub pages, it’s not possible to handle your website forms such as contact, subscribe e.t.c natively. GitHub’s pages help describes what you can and cannot do with the hosting, and what plugins it supports. Probably the only way would achieve this is to post the form feedback to another hosted file (PHP or other technology on another server), maybe…

My beginner advice: ‘Python is just the language for you’ — the easiest & the best programming language to learn.

I have seen many online surveys (TechRepublic), or even some online communities asking developers to rank programming languages with which they think is the easiest to learn. Well, it’s sad to say that the overwhelming responses that the surveys have reported, HTML.

Okay, for those who have a little experience in coding, I understand this may sound annoying because it is, I mean have you ever asked someone “which language are you good at?” and then they are like, ‘HTML’

My predictions on FIFA World Cup 2018 was a bigger disaster. Here’s why.

About a week ago, the finals of FIFA World Cup 2018 were played and well, the outcomes might not have been the same as most of us might have predicted. Well, this world cup season must have been the most unpredictable ever, but is it really? The answer is yes. On 16th–22nd June 2018, during the #DehubKenyaHack, I intended to predict the winners of this season’s world cup, and guess what, I did: Code. But then how did that turn out? Well terribly wrong. …

Why I would rather be a Software Engineer — Holberton School

Being a software engineer is a charming and very prosperous career that presents enough reasons to compel me to take this career course considering my delight interest in programming and my energy towards the challenge of questions that can be solved through innovative technology.

In my opinion, software engineering is, by all objective measures, one of the best fields to get into in the era that we live in today. Why? Because the society we are in is fast paced, intriguing and innovative where everyone is trying as much…

Maroko Gideon

EEE (telecom) Engineer, Networks, IoT, ML enthusiast, Python, Banking IT - Making cool stuff.

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