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Being a software engineer is a charming and very prosperous career that presents enough reasons to compel me to take this career course considering my delight interest in programming and my energy towards the challenge of questions that can be solved through innovative technology.

In my opinion, software engineering is, by all objective measures, one of the best fields to get into in the era that we live in today. Why? Because the society we are in is fast paced, intriguing and innovative where everyone is trying as much as they possibly can to achieve new (but better) levels of fast technological advancement. On a each passing day, new inventions are being brought to live with new tools and software being developed to accommodate the advancements realized in the world today.

First of all, software engineers are innovators of the many technical tools that we use on a daily basis and that most of us might be taking for granted. Take our cellular devices for example; it’s almost impossible to imagine that we can have cool phones without software. Without the social media applications (that most of us ‘can’t do without’), we wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with our families, our friends, etc. What about the annoying alarm clock that buzzes you out of your sweet dreams every morning? Yes its annoying but without it, you would have been fired from your job (probably). All of these are part of the work of the masterminds behind the world’s technologies (software engineers), which have definitely become part of our daily lives.

Secondly, the creativity and versatility is what we can all agree to be the most admirable freedom of a software engineer, and well, one of my personal favorites. As a software engineer, I am free to express my creativity through unique ideas to solve the problems. Of course there are various ways to approach a solution to a single problem especially in programming. But most of these solutions cannot be considered to be ‘solutions’ after putting into considerations of the available trade-offs that can be made such as speed over memory consumption. Also, the fuss that a software engineer is some software-geek who just sit around in their desk, with their headphones and with no live outside their computers is WRONG! There is need for the software engineers to link with teams and the community to brainstorm different ideas. I believe software engineering is a very vast career field which is associated with almost every other type of industry in the world such as; medicine, entertainment, fashion, construction, catering and many more. Yes, its diversity is not limited but as a software engineer, I am able to indulge my creativity and technical expertise to reality in form of an innovative idea in any industry.

Thirdly, it is evident that there is a high demand of software engineers in the market, even better, with (almost)an endless list of job opportunities to pick from. As a software engineer, I have the opportunity to work in a range of industries including finance, entertainment, manufacturing etc. According to Glassdoor posting 2018, Software Engineering was the most popular career in the market with over 29,187 jobs and with a low, 1.6%, rate of unemployment. Here, software publishers and computer systems design industries hires the highest number of software engineers.

Besides, my:

puts me on the spot to dive into a successful career course in this dynamic field.

So why Holberton School?




EEE (telecom) Engineer, Networks, IoT, ML enthusiast, Python, Banking IT - Making cool stuff.

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Maroko Gideon

Maroko Gideon

EEE (telecom) Engineer, Networks, IoT, ML enthusiast, Python, Banking IT - Making cool stuff.

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