In defense of poor media
James Chae


Digital craft has two meanings that I know of: mastery of a program, or mastery in moving across many platforms. The first seems related to rich media, while the second to poor media. Both types of media connect to networks of people and corporations. As designers, what are our social responsibilities during and after making with digital mediums?

effects of internet structure on society

In architecture, firms contract out at great cost perspective images to rendering houses, which make the proposed building look as real as possible. The aesthetic expectations of “professionalism” has in this case opened a whole new branch of illustration industry. How are digital aesthetic expectations formed, and how does this happen simultaneously on and off the web?

As beginners in our fields, portfolio review success relies heavily on projects fitting the “professional” model of process and aesthetic. In what ways can we undermine this aesthetic while still finding our place in our fields?

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