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Is Tom Brady really the MVP when his team went 3–1 without him? Probably would have been 4–0 if Jimmy didnt get hurt. He is having a fantastic season so far but the team was good without him so what exactly is his value. Sure its more than his replacement level but not sure you can call him MVP when Patriots have the most complete team in NFL. If Brady was still out I would argue the Pats would have still wen 4–0 in that stretch. Are we supposed to be impressed with wins against the Browns, Bengals, BigBen-less Steelers and a McCoy-less Bills at home.

Right now the MVP front runner has to be Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan leads the league in Pass Yards by almost 200 yards from the #2. 3rd in completion %, 2nd in YPA, 1st in touchdowns, 2nd in 3rd down conversions, 1st in plays 20+ yards, 1st in plays 40+ yards, 2nd in passer rating. And he has done this while having some really good defenses on the schedule.

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