Steel milling refers to the process of manufacturing steel. This may involve an integrated steel work that requires performing all steps of steelmaking from iron ore smelting to rolled product, but may also refer to plants that specialize in manufacturing steel semi-finished casting products such as billets, slabs, blooms, ingots etc., from molten pig iron or from scrap. A steel mill equipment has a number of moving parts that undergoes a lot of stress related to the processing conditions of steel milling.

Steel milling may involve conversion of pig iron to liquid steel (steel making), conversion of ore to liquid…

Entry Trough Custom Equipment

At the end of October 2018, GMB Heavy Industries successfully completed a five-day outage at a bar mill in the United States. The mill was designed with a pneumatically activated separating ledge in the entry trough. This type of drive was proving itself unreliable, as it was adversely affected by both the ambient temperature, and the temperature of the equipment. Consequently, it was impossible to achieve a consistent/repeatable cycle time of less than 0.9 seconds throughout the year for all products. The solution was to replace the pneumatically activated system with an electro-mechanical drive. This system produced a faster cycle…

Rolling Mill Manufacturers in North America

You have probably heard the term Rolling mill Equipment, Rolling mill Manufacturers, Steel Mill Equipment, etc. There are all related and in North America, there are rolling mill manufacturers that building equipment for steel mill industry to upgrade their existing machines.

These steel mill equipment usually works for decades however with the new technology and improvement on steel mill engineering, steel mills have to upgrade their equipment to produce better products for their customers.

Rolling mill equipment can vary depending on the product that steel mill is producing and how modernize is the…

Steel industry has become one of the most challenging industries in North America, however, steel mills in the United States and North America can now produce and sell steels more than before. Working with North American companies has become a challenge and it’s very important to partner with a steel mill engineering company that have good reputation over the years in North America.

GMB Heavy Industries’ Installation Services

5 Key Points to Find the right partner for your Steel Mill

There are different factors to find the best steel mill engineering Services Company in North America. There are many steel mills in the United States that only works with famous brands that provides steel mill engineering which…

GMB Heavy Industries

‘GMB Heavy Industries design, manufacture and install turn-key solutions for the steel industry.

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