PRE-ICO Phase for GMCoin (GMC) successfully completed on TRON Platform…


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[Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey] — Few months ago, our team has started tokenization process of our company “GM Informatics Joint Stock Company”, as always stated; we strongly believe that tokenization and the blockchain technologies will change the world, so we are taking more and clearer steps every day.

On this tokenization project we have released GMCoin (GMC) which is expected to be the primary payment unit for our company from customer receivements, to vendor and partner payments.

Between dates 01.05.2019 and 30.06.2019 first pre-ico phase held for GMC token, since our blockchain is based on TRON main ecosystem the participation process hosted by TRON’s native pre-ico platform In pre-ico phase; total of 4m. GMC tokens expected to be distributed, and at 07:55 GMT 29 July all tokens sold to third party investors who shares the same belief on tokenization and blockchain with us. Net 2.4m TRX has been raised.

We have planned to go on official ICO on 01.07.2019, however some economic indicators, and operational expectations pushed us to delay official ICO. The reasons below we stated why we delayed the process of ICO;

- Our ICO platform even already ready, some security tests needs to be done,

- Contracts with payment processors not finished yet,

- As we are talking with Exchanges, these cryptoasset trade platforms quotes higher rates for listing tokens and IEO’s. We don’t want to spend our most budget on these platforms so negotiations are ongoing, and we are investigating the opportunity to start a cryptocurrency exchange with our own capitals.

- Our company issues high demand of business proposals, because we are already an operating company our team tries to cover up all profitable parts, so some part of our team working on ongoing tasks other than GMC project.

In a few weeks we will announce the new ICO date and update whitepaper and other documents as needed.

We kindly request from our 1500+ investors who participated in GMCoin (GMC) Project in pre-ico state to hold their patience and get ready for the new heights in the future.

For more information company web site (International), (Turkish) can be visited, token website can be visited for detailed information about GMCoin (GMC)

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