Free Jazz and Blues Bass Lines

Photo courtesy of Joe Dickey

I was programming a new instrument prototype and I needed a few bass lines to serve as backing tracks. I found some friendly bassists in Nashville to quickly track a few parts for me. As I was looking them over, I thought, hey, I should share this with the world.

So if you too need some bass lines for a project, here you go, have at it. Licensed for your use, CC by 3.0.

All files:

  • Tempo: 110 bpm
  • Length: 12 measures

2 Feel and Walking Feel by Alexander Stallings

  • Key: C Major
  • Progression: 6–2–5–1 or Am-Dm-G7-C

Walking Blues by Joe Dickey

  • Key: D Mixolydian
  • Progression: D7-D7-D7-D7-G7-G7-D7-D7-Emin-A7-D7-A7

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