I’m Hiring an iOS Developer Apprentice.

At first I called it a few other things, like Developer Assistant and Development Research, but when I bought a twitter ad to promote a job-posting-as-a-gist, people overwhelmingly clicked on the tweet that said “Hiring an iOS Developer Apprentice.” So that’s what I’m calling it.

And like most things I do, it’s an experiment.

When I work, I set aside time, and I make things. This is how I consult and this is how I’ve worked on my own startups. So this is an experiment to see what happens If I set aside some time with a new developer.

I don’t think it’s going to take an overwhelming amount of work.

The type of people I’m talking to are motivated and smart. They’ve taken the first steps to teach themselves and put themselves in environments where they’ll learn more. What I’m offering is a way to apply that knowledge, translate it into real world experience, and navigate a broad subject area.

What will happen?

I’m guessing we’re going to create some cool stuff and we’ll both have a good time doing it. That would be enough for me to call it a success.