The Cube is a Massive Speaker Array at Virginia Tech

Here’s the specs from IMMC:

The Cube is an acoustically treated and isolated black box theatre. 124 JBL SCS 8 loudspeakers are mounted in the Cube, supported by four Meyer UMS-1P subwoofers and 1 JBL 5628 Subwoofer. All loudspeaker are independently addressable. The main 124.4.1 spatial audio system is supplemented ten JBL LSR 6328P loudspeakers freely move on stage for octophonic+ sound reproduction and complete the main set of transducers. The audio system currently requires a sampling rate of 48000 for multichannel playback. The system has been tested with both Max 6.1, 7, SuperCollider, and several DAWs. A Mac Pro is the in-house computer, capable of sourcing 256 audio channels. 64 Channels of audio can be sent in via Audinate Dante.


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